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Civil Technology

A Diploma in Civil Engineering program can be a good choice for your career. An important branch of modern engineering & technology is civil engineering, the main subject of which is planning, design, and structural execution. These include various challenging facilities including public works design supervision and construction activities like roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, dams, sewerage systems, ports, etc.

A Civil Engineer is essential for the planning/implementation and maintenance of the project. We called him a civil engineer who has a degree Diploma in Civil Engineering in order to acquire engineering knowledge as well as administrative skills. They can establish themselves in the positions of site engineer/manager, design, research, education, etc., at various construction sites, both public and private. They also have the opportunity to work as Deputy Assistant Engineers in various government, semi-government and autonomous organizations. Possibly LGED, PWD, R&H, BR, BBA, MES, EED, WASA, DESCO, DPDC, WDB, BADC, Bangladesh Airlines, Telecom Industry, and various public and private housing and development projects.